A Snapshot of me…

Snapshot of Me and Whats Mine!!

Named Sujatha at birth after my father’s aunt, I am just another typical Andhraite till you get to speak to me. That is when you get to take a peek into the world I represent. A world of fusion, a world full of so many tastes both desi and videsi that their flavours will surely leave an impact on both your mind and your palate.

Having been exposed to both typical and atypical food ever since I was a babe in arms by Ma(Telugu,Tamil,North Indian etc), Ammamma(Telugu and Madras Tam Bram Queen),Maamma(Cakes, Biscuits,Exotic Bengali fare and great Andhra food) and of course Naanna(simple satvik soul food) and later by Maajhi(Rajasthani and Hyderabadi feasts) I have had more than my fair share of GREAT FOOD 🙂 And the proof is in my appearance (Healthy to say the least) and definitely in my style of cooking.

And then came marriage and a nuclear family consisting of just good ol me and a man(My hubby) who could not make himself a decent cuppa tea and life was a challenge of what to cook for breakfast, lunch and dinner???

An observation that amma made about me when I was a bride in waiting for which I almost bit hear head off comes to haunt me quite often. She simply said “You are not the kind of person who will be happy cooking normal day to day dishes like pappu, kura, sambar papa”.

” You will just wither away” I was upset back then but that was more than 8 years back and now….I admit that I have been close to withering away many a time when hubby requests me to cook just that and nothing exotic”.

But a welcome change has been my two little angels asking for everything exotic they get to see on TV. Now I get to make whatever I feel like on this pretext! Sweet revenge huh 🙂

So this is me in an extended nutshell. A home maker, an independent Leadership Trainer, anxious and paranoid mother of Rhyme(Raimaa) and Rythm(Reddhimaa), part time Classical Music teacher(to 4 reluctant girl students who would rather play than sing) and FOODIE.

Come share my passion for the good food!!


14 thoughts on “A Snapshot of me…

  1. K C Krishna

    huhhhh………….superb yar!!!
    i wish i can b with u fr eatng food made by u….
    u ppl r realy cute n awesm in dat pic….

  2. gopi

    dear sujatha,
    wonderful to c all of u so happyand together,may god always keep u happy and smiling.looking at u makes my day,my decade,my lifetime!
    lage raho,jai ho!

  3. Rajitha

    Do upload your B’day pics…with both my angels too in it…miss you guys awfully!!
    Regards to your hubs…and wish him a great year ahead…
    though belated…Wishing you a world of happiness, content and more of all that you hold dear…

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