About PINK and Blue and ALL THINGS TRUE!!

Strawberry TOOTHPASTE Cookies!!


Pink is a tear running
down a baby’s face.
Pink is the color of a sunset on
a cold winter’s day.
Pink is the love from
a Brave Knight’s heart when
he wins the heart of a
fair maiden.
Pink is soft like a kitten
in a basket.
Pink is the smell of a
rose after it rains
in the morning.
Pink is lace on a
soft pillow.
Pink is as soft as
my mom’s cheek.


This is what my Seven Year old thinks 

I am practically colour blind when it comes to Great tasting food. I am more driven by the smells and taste than visual appeal. I cannot say the same about any other member of this Singh Family.

My Seven Year Old Thinks PINK, My 4 year old Thinks BLUE and the husband Thinks ”ANYTHING BUT PINK PUHLEASSE!!”
So, life is quite a challenge when it comes to choosing the colour of dishes to bake.

I am still quite new to baking so coming up with something blue is still beyond me. I tried using a drop of food gel in the cookie dough but the colour of blue was really “BLUE”, so I threw that little ball of dough away.

But coming up with these bright pink discs of Love was easy, and surprisingly my younger one didn’t complain one bit 
Hubby very cheekily said that this is like Strawberry toothpaste and we punished him by not allowing him another nibble!!

The Cookie was easy to make and very crisp and cookiesh.(Sorry about the Hinglish 😦 )

Anyone can make it and for those who don’t like PINK OR STRAWBERRY…please use vanilla custard powder instead.

Strawberry Custard Cookies: Source of Recipe –a Combination of the umpteen sites I visited!!

Pretty Pink Discs ready to go into the Oven!!


APF-3/4 Cup
Custard Powder Strawberry flavor-3/4
Corn Flour-4 Tbspn
Nutralite-1/2 Cup
Powdered Sugar-1/2 Cup
Strawberry Essence-1/4 tsp


-Soften the Nutralite and beat in the sugar and essence till really light and fluffy
-Add the flour and make a soft dough with a bit of milk.(Use very little milk at a time…just sprinkle)
-Refrigerate dough after wrapping it in a cling film for about 30 minutes
-Roll out the dough by placing it between two sheets of transparent covering paper that you use to cover school book…Yeah, put the unused roll I had to good use . The reason I did this is to have a less messy surface to clean post baking!
-Roll out the dough like a chapatti, about ½ inch in thickness, the thinner you roll it out the crispier the cookie, the thicker the dough, the chewier the experience. Your Choice!
-Cut it out into desired shapes with any bottle cap, steel glass etc.
-Bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees centigrade for 12-15 minutes. The cookies should just be light brown on the corners. Don’t worry if they look or feel soft at this time, just allow them to cool down on a wire stand and see them transform into these awesomely crisp and crumbly cookies!

Try them out. And THINK PINK 


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