I Hate Summers :-(

Scorching heat,dusty roads,red faced kids coming back from school looking and smelling like something the DOG picked up from the Garbage Bin…This is what summer means to me now.

More than a decade ago it meant lazing around after college while gulping down whole glasses of Grandma’s (fondly called ammamma)awesome  “Aam panna”. I was known to drink up jugs of this concoction without batting an eyelid and gloating over it for a coupla weeks much to my kid brother’s chagrin. 

I could never get enough of aam panna. It would accompany my breakfast, lunch and dinner. So when ammamma called me this morning and I started complaining as usual about the heat and how the kids looked dehydrated after a long day at school and how they are allergic to store bought squashes, pat came the suggestion “make them some panna papa”.

I went to the market right away for the kaccha aam(raw mangoes) and after haggling over a Kg of them came back armed and ready. You may wonder why I bought home a kg!! I love instant mango pickle and raw mango dal as well you see 🙂

The result was quite interesting and I must say that I am feeling very nice right now :-). My firstborn has already been to the fridge 13 times under my notice.

So, Here goes :


Raw Mangoes-4-5 big ones

Sugar powder-4 cups(vary as per taste, my kids have a sweet tooth)

Kala Namak-2 Tsp

Salt-1/4 Tsp

Jeera Powder-2 Tsp

Dried Mint Powder-1 cup

Water-as per the consistency desired


Wash, peel and dice  the aam into pieces and place them with one cup of water in a cooker and cook till tender.

Add all the spices and blend to a smooth paste in the mixer.

Mix water while stirring continuously to form a thick lassi like juice and refrigerate.

Adjust the quantities of salt and sugar as per your taste.

Aam panna is ready for your  immediate consumption. This keeps well in the fridge for a week and tastes divine when had with puris and halwa.

mmmmmm….am going back to the fridge now. you guys try this out for sure and tell me how it was !!


see y’all till the next post!









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